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Exciting news!


Movement Warriors have decided to do our first ever summer workshop week! AND we have some fantastic performers on board to show the boys lots of new moves and new styles of dance.

It will be the week of August the 10th to the 14th, from 10am till 2pm. The cost will be £125 for the week and there are only 24 places for MW boys from aged 8 and up. There will be two groups of 12 boys 8-10 and 11-14.


This week of workshops is in collaboration with the Balletboyz Studio 52a, where will have the use of both studios for the week, and 52a will be promoting and also filming part of the week’s process and performances.


The workshops are as follows:


'Street dance' with Liam Francis of The Rambert company (previously Zoo Nation)


'Contact Improvisation' with Matt Rees of Balletboyz 


'Contemporary dance' with Matt Sandiford also of Balletboyz 


'Dance Parkour'


Lastly we are waiting to here if 'Capoeira' will also be one of the workshops.


Karl will be there too of course, and will help organize a showcase for the end of the week to be performed by the boys in the big studio.

Please email us at if your son is interested in doing these workshops, and is prepared for a focused fun week with some top guys, who happen to be pretty talented and creative too!



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